Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Malaysia Airports


The Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA was built as an initiative by the Malaysian government to boost the
country’s booming airspace and to promote tourism traffic, which has led it to become one of South East Asia’s major
airports. Operated by Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB), this massive state-of-the-art building is the product
of the Malaysian Japanese Airport Consortium, which saw a collaboration between Kisho Kurakawa Architects (Japan)
and Akitek Jururancang Malaysia (AJM) who came together to design a functioning airport that would facilitate the
growing demands of tourism in Malaysia. AJM Interiors acted as the appointed interior design consultants for the
interior design finishes and loose furniture fittings.

Photos by K.L. NG